Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few

Wendell Phillips, 1852

The enemies of Freedom do not argue: they shout and they shoot.

W.R. Inge, 1935

....and the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27, 2008 by drsharonc Edit

The day in 2000 when the presidential race was placed into the hands of 9 political appointees is the day when every American Patriot should have climbed aboard a Trailways bus and marched on Washington with millions of other American Patriots.
But we didn’t…we sat on our hands, made a lot of noise, bitched, moaned, ranted and raved, but alas, we did nothing. We have paid a very dear price for our unpatriotic behavior, in ways we don’t even know about yet. Much more will be learned when the bushies leave office…not soon enough for me…
I do not like w, I do not believe him to be a man of character, I do not believe him to be a man of intellect (forget “great intellect”), I do not believe him to be a man of competence, ingenuity, or creativity. I do not believe him to be a man of conscience…I do not believe him to be either conservative or Republican. I believe him to be an anomaly, an aberration, a freak of nature.
I also believe that God chose him to be POTUS…how could I think such a thing? It came to pass, God knew that Americans would have to see some really bad times, experience some devastating events if they were to ever allow themselves to choose a man of color as their POTUS. w was just the man to get this country into such a condition that we would “sit up”, “pay attention”…our liberties were being stolen…freedoms disappearing…two wars…an economy in a downward spiral, and a President who says its all the fault of others.
Well, Americans did not like what they saw, and, by doggies, we looked past skin color, ethnicity, religion, and culture to elect a man with a brilliant mind who is prepared to serve all Americans. We must never again elect anyone but the most intelligent and creative among us to serve in the most powerful position in the world.
We had the good ole frat boy, the admitted C student, the irresponsible and privileged one. Now that we have had “one of us”, lets be American Patriots and demand only the best and brightest need apply.
So thanks w, your disastrous presidency opened the door and now we have real competence and HOPE in Obama. For that w, I say thanks. You turned out to be good for something. Your administration, the worst in history, has ushered in what I believe will be one of the greatest presidencies in history…past, present, and future.
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