Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few

Wendell Phillips, 1852

The enemies of Freedom do not argue: they shout and they shoot.

W.R. Inge, 1935

....and the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Lynndie England and all her comrades that have been convicted and serving sentences for torture. If CIA operatives who were"just following orders" are not going to be prosecuted, then set free and wipe clean the records of those who were offered up as sacrificial lambs by the very ones who ordered them to "soften up" their prisoners using any and all techniques, including torture.
The story they will tell their children? "I signed up to serve my country, I followed orders as any good soldier does, I did what they asked. Then my country prosecuted and jailed me for following orders. I was one of their sacrificial lambs. Now, my son, my daughter, wouldn't you like to sign up to serve your country?"
I call on all who consider themselves PATRIOTS to notify President Obama and demand these folks be cleared and returned home to their family. Demand, also, that those who asked for the memos and those who wrote memos regarding the legality of torture be held accountable. America's principles and values are at risk and we must hold accountable those who proposed and supported the use of torture. Someone must be held accountable, these horrors cannot go unpunished.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Personally, I blame oj simpson for the mess that can now be seen on most any channel that carries news stories. Back several years ago, when oj was arrested for murder, everyone wanted to get in on the act. TV stations started the era of talking heads. Talking heads are speculators...

Speculate: think about things yet THINK about things UNKNOWN...this according to Webster's Dictionary.

Now, we see speculation in has become an action verb and it has and continues to cause this country and the world so many devastating outcomes. Looking at the economy and the shape it is in...more evidence of the damage speculating can do.

All the speculation in the world didn't convict oj, but it did make talking heads popular and millions are being spent keeping those heads talking. And now we have more talking heads, all who think they can tell us what is going to happen with Obama's economic plan and the right wing whackos (now including George Will, sadly) are, of course, telling us all how disastrous his plan will be. Even when we are all being told we have never been in such a position, but the talking heads are just so sure they know that Obama will be the downfall of this country.

The truth? WE CAN ALL BE TALKING HEADS. WE ALL HAVE AN OPINION, be it right or wrong, it just doesn't seem to matter. Here's my suggestion: reduce talking heads to folks who can give us accurate information and eliminate the spin. When I turn to a show that has spinners, strategists, or just big mouths, I leave that show. I already know what these folks are going to say(particularly republicans who issue talking points regularly, once you heard one parrot the talking points, no need to hear any one else). However, if the talkers are knowledgeable, such as Constitutional experts, economists without obvious political leanings, or people with past experience who do not have a political agenda to promote, I will "stay tuned". Long story short, I think for myself and accurate information helps me to come to a better informed position.

So REVOLT against the talking heads...besides I hate Pat Bucannan's comb over...yuk, how can anyone take seriously someone who is so vain that he trys to cover up bald with a looooong strip of hair growing from the side of his head?

Maybe its time, PATRIOTS to let advertisers know how you feel about the garbage they spew. Here's a place to start:

Bose Speakers, Kashi, and Gillette are three of the sponsors of glen beck who is one of the worst, most vile talking heads found in the media today.

Check them all out, take some action!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Right-wing talking heads and voices, and most of the MSM seem to have such great insight and are eager to speak for all Americans when they announce that Americans are suffering from Bailout burnout.
WRONG, what this American is suffering from is CORRUPTION burnout.
A corrupt administration, w's, appoints corrupt lawyers to the Justice Dept. These lawyers were forced to take corrupt Sen. Ted Stevens to trial before his election because he insisted. He was subsequently found quilty...on seven counts. Now we learn these corrupt appointees threw the case. It is not possible that these lawyers did not know they were committing an illegal act when they did not turn over all their evidence to the defense team. So for a second time these lawyers sold their soul to the devil, perhaps thinking that w and his ilk would protect them from accountability and possible criminal charges, not to mention the loss of their license to practice law. Not so. w and his ilk could give a rat's a** at this point, about who the most recent "little person" in his administration is being called to task now. No, they got what they came after and if you are found dead on the roadside...well, in the words of Cheney..."So?" They gave their allegiances to a paper tiger and Ted Stevens, after being found guilty will never be held accountable for his thefts from the American people.
I remember a time when we would shake our heads in disbelief when we would hear of leaders around the world who would steal food and medicines meant for their citizens and keep them for themselves. How could any leader steal from their own people, allowing their countrymen to go homeless, hungry, ignorant? How could such a person come to and stay in power? Do you know how w made money? After bankrupting more than one company, his daddy's friends loaned him the money to buy into a baseball team. He and the other owners threatened to move the team if the city did not build a new stadium for their team. Voters said yes, lets build it and so taxpayers footed the bill for the new stadium A few years later, w, sold their team, anyway...but this time they had a stadium to go with it...thanks to local taxpayers...w's take from this deal was approximately 13 million. The bushies have a history of stealing from the taxpayers...middle income taxpayers of course...the rich pay no taxes. Never has that been clearer than when so many candidates, office holders and appointees find themselves paying back taxes, cleaning up their "loose ends". Being in the limelight, trying to further one's career brings out a lot of "loose ends"...course, its all honest errors or oversights! Yes, of course, of course.

PATRIOTS, a big budget fight is coming on health care. It has been suggested by some that the only way we will achieve health care for all is to "take to the streets" as was done in the 60's. The Civil Rights Bill would never have been passed if Americans had not marched and protested, demanding that all Americans must have equal rights. Are you ready? Will you join those marches?