Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few

Wendell Phillips, 1852

The enemies of Freedom do not argue: they shout and they shoot.

W.R. Inge, 1935

....and the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just one short year ago, it was a country named the most desirable country in the world. Today, its economy has been devastated by the collapse of its largest banks, unemployment rose 45% between Nov. and Dec., 40% of households and 70% of businesses are technically bankrupt. Yet, no political figures resigned, the bank and corporation boards remain essentially unchanged, and calls for new elections were ignored.

America and Britain closed a NATO base in this country, putting many out of work, and offered no help of any kind. The citizens of this country took to the streets with their drums, pots and pans, any noisemaker they could find, and assembled outside the building of their political leaders. They were loud and noisy. They managed to peacefully disrupt their government's attempt to ignore them and they also saw their government finally resig

This country is Iceland. A peaceful country, hasn't seen war for generations, nor violent conflict among its citizens

What happened? Laizze faire capitalism, unregulated capitalism. Just another example of how this economic theory will always result in disaster for everyone but the wealthy.Another example of how an unregulated, free market leads to more wealth for the rich, and less and less for the other 97%.

Such protests are presently being held in countries like Latvia, Greece,and South Korea. As early as 2000, Argentinians rose up against their government's use and abuse of the unregulated free market. Nations around the world were coerced and/or bribed to allow Americans to direct the economic policies of countries around the world, only to watch them drop, like dominoes. Seems there was another "Domino Theory" that got us in trouble 30+ years ago...Viet Nam comes to mind.

On post 02/08/09, Sarah-Sonia writes about how the economy in Denmark also greatly favors the rich. Well, PM Gordon Brown seems to be suggesting that Denmark, along with Norway, Sweden, and Greenland have become the new Axis of Evil. Wonder if Sarah-Sonia knows she is living in a terrorist country?

The video below will make clear the fears PM Brown watch and then RUN FOR YOUR LIVES 'cause these Icelanders are a scary bunch!

Video prepared by Norway to encourage the Scandinavian Community to support Iceland.
Patriot wanna-be's can more closely identify with other cultures, other countries by understanding that we share our economic fears with the world. An economic world for which American proponents, teachers, and politicians must take responsibility. So we continue to educate ourselves and learn more about our similarities with the rest of the world and learn to interact in the world in a way that serves others.

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  1. Okay, Sharon, so I finlly have watched the video. Sorry, it took me so long! And this is really embarressing: I hadn't heard about the axis of evil and I also completely missed out on the terrorist-accusation as well. But okay, I personally had previously been accused of being a terrorist by a person from the Faroe-island (another nordic community and another wanting-to-be-independent-state, who doesn't feel like belonging to the Danish Kingdom anymore, as long as they are rich enough...!)- And would you believe it, those accusations we made simply because I wore Greenpeace-clothes...

    So, no this sort of thing really doesn't bother me too much, and as long, as nobody pulls the trigger on me, I think I'd rather take it as a complement!

    What on the other hand really does bother me, is that this is my tax money going down the drain there! Because as far as I know, Denmark and Norway did actually step in to save Iceland's a...
    And for what? Because some greedy business b... couldn't get enough or even worse than this: these days it's often so, that nobody really owns anything, it's all devided between the chair holders. You just have a couple of hyperactive business freaks jumping from one CEO-position to another, wrecking each company in just a couple of months! It's about getting ahead in the race while you're still young and handsome enough to leave a beautiful corps and it's about being as extreme and as noisy as you possibly can be!

    For this pathetic, but oh so powerful minority the end justifies the means entirely. If they have to lie, cheat, murder and cling to those who are already well organized in their own sicky, filthy leagues - so shall it be! The main thing is to make yourself heard, to conquer the territory and to wreck everything in your path!

    My husband used to work as a manager and project leader in one of those companies. You would never believe me, if I told the things that went on there! And there was nothing he could do to stop the destruction, no matter what he tried, because the vast majority preferes to remain blind and look discretely away, as long, as it's not their own direct fait that is being decided there.

    So after 17 years, he was layed off and most people from his department with him, so nobody would notice that it was a personal thing.

    Business is in fact at least as dirty as warfare. But most of us are going in completely unprepared and are in our naivity fully exposed.

    As for me and my family, we had to sell our home - once again!, and move to an entirely different part of the country, just to find out that in the new position that my husband finally got, we would be under direct attack of a part of the government, which to some degree is concentrating on making citizens rights non-excistent in some areas of education. And some of the people working for them do also know no limits and do whatever they can to hunt you down! Nice, isn't it?!

    But hej, that's life! There's nothing gained by taking it too personal and getting too sensitive about it. These are the conditions on this planet and it doesn't help to crack up and break down weeping. All you can do, is to work for a better world, in spite of all!!!

    - At least it's not boring and the more they hate your guts, the more you are actutally acheiving. (Because why else would they perceive you as such a threat?!) And if that isn't a complement, then I don'tr know what is?!

    As for Iceland: I wonder what we will get out of it. Will our tax money just be lost? Do we actually get a share of the market/of whatever isn't there?! Will they re-join the Danish Kingdom? You know, Greenland is actually Danish as well... so, as long as the money is flowing... but where is the loyalty? Where did the nordic brotherhood go?!

    It's not that I do by principal want to stop countries from becomming independent. But in spite of all the bloody wars, there has always been a nordic brotherhood and we all know, none of us can survive alone, so we might as well stick together and support each other as well as we can. Not just milk our tax paying nabours...

    By the way, I am even not Danish. I was born in the American sector of Berlin and ended up with a German passport and a British family... oops, I probably shouldn't have said that here on this post and also probably not that in spite of all the anoyance over some completely subborn inlaws, I do mainly feel British and it gets worse: we are even members of the British chamber of commerce here in Denmark... - you know, where all the corrupt suckers get together to plan their upcomming strategies...

    - Well, actually, there's a lot I could say about that! It is very, very interesting to see, what kind of people do join and why.

    There are those, who're only in it for money and power. Even being in the same room with them makes you feel nauseous in no time!

    Then there are those who just barely scrape by in their own independent insignificant line of business (that would be us!) and then there are a few quite outstanding personalities who do just in some magical way seem to pull it off - seem to both be a good and dedicated person and be able to make a financial success without even thinking about getting their hands dirty.

    I really have no idea how they do it! But those people do excist. For example our current and the previous chairman are such people. I really do admire them! And they do show, that it is possible to both be good and successful.

    I understand Sharon, why you think the market should be controlled. Since too many greedy b... don't seem to be able to control themselves.
    But I have also seen the scarcity that such a controlled economy can create in communistic countries and what kind of corruption and suppression followed that!!!

    Of course there has to be some sort of control, while people aren't able to control themselves, but I personally believe, that the focus should be on strenthening the individual to such a degree that the person will eventually be able to have the desire to act honorably and to only only do what is best for the greatest good.

    Forcing things on a person or restricting a free spirit are dangerous measures to use. And it's therefore that I would always rather encourage to help until someone sees the light than panish.

    But of course there are those who refuse to learn and who have no shame at all. There I find, leagal measures might be most appropiate.
    If they don't take no for an answer and continue to bring everybody else down, they have to be stopped from doing so, otherwise
    honest people won't be able to prosper.

    And it's also in this spirit, that I wonder if taxes should be increased or not. Perhaps it might be a better idea to investigate where that money really does come from and then do something about that!!!

    Money is a measure of exchange for the good one gives to society. Did those super-rich people deliver their exchange? Well... in that case they probably should face criminal charges or at least pay back those who they robbed!

    Anyway, it was nice to read your thoughts on politics and society and to see how much you want to help and make things better for everyone! That's a really nice thing, which everybody has in him somewhere... I just wish more people would wake up!

    Have a nice week! Love, Sarah Sofia