Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few

Wendell Phillips, 1852

The enemies of Freedom do not argue: they shout and they shoot.

W.R. Inge, 1935

....and the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I watched as Pres. Obama was holding his news conference and once again, came away with a renewed sense of spirit...but it wasn't to last long. The very next day I was listening to xm radio and heard that someone at had written an article addressing the question: Is Pres. Obama Overexposed? Overexposed? My God, can this man do nothing right? Pres. Obama is a president of the people, his campaign was financed by the people, and he has promised to represent the average American, to be held accountable, and to be transparent. Now, how are all those things going to take place if he doesn't keep us well informed, if he doesn't make himself available on a regular basis, and if he doesn't visit directly with Americans? Well, personally, I think the author of this article was trying TOO hard to carve out a niche for herself as someone innovate, creative, or insightful, placing herself just a notch above all her colleagues who continue to write about boring issues like, the needs of this nation and its people.

I along with many others, esp. the talking heads, thought I knew more about how to run a campaign than Obama and his team. I second guessed him all along the way and it turns out that he had a winning plan and really didn't need my well-meaning advice.

I welcome his high profile. I like seeing competence at work. I am proud of our Pres. and I hope he once again ignores all the nay-sayers and continues to communicate directly with his fellow Americans.

As Pres. Obama introduces his budget proposal, this is a very important time to notify your senators and reps. asking for support for the budget, particularly energy, education, health care, and the environment. Based on what Reps. and the Blue Dog Democrats are saying, Pres. Obama will need the support of us all. Patriotism=communication.

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  1. I hope you get what you are asking for and that you can get many other people on board who want the same thing.
    love, SSG